Youth Sports Specialization Recommendation

“NATA has released an official statement with health-focused recommendations to reduce the risk of injury due to youth sports specialization. NATA’s statement has been endorsed by Professional Football Athletic Trainers’ Society, Professional Hockey Athletic Training Society, Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers’ Society, National Basketball Athletic Trainers’ Association, Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers’ Society and the NATA Intercollegiate Sports Medicine Council. The statement includes the following recommendations, all aimed at address the health and well-being adolescent and young athletes:”

National Athletic Trainers’ Association October 16, 2019

Visit At Your Own Risk for more information on youth sports specialization.


Disclaimer: National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statements and Guidelines
The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) regularly distributes position statements and guidelines to promote public awareness of certain health and safety-related issues that affect VISAA member schools. Such information is neither exhaustive nor necessarily applicable to all circumstances or individuals, and is no substitute for consultation with appropriate health-care professionals. Statutes, codes or environmental conditions may be relevant. NATA position statements or guidelines should be considered in conjunction with other pertinent materials when taking action or planning care. The NATA reserves the right to rescind or modify any such document at any time.