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Please remember that under VISAA Lacrosse follows Article X from the VISAA Policies and Procedures Manual: 

A VISAA member school that is not participating in the VISAA event is prohibited from filming or recording that VISAA event without the prior written consent of all teams participating in such VISAA event. Filming or recording of a VISAA event without prior written consent shall be considered a Code of Conduct violation resulting in possible suspension from VISAA championship events in the sport being played at the time of filming or recording. Subject to the foregoing, the filming or recording of a VISAA event that is being filmed or recorded by the VISAA or a third party designated by VISAA is prohibited. In no circumstance shall a VISAA member school, representative thereof or third party not approved by VISAA reproduce, distribute or otherwise disseminate any images or video of a VISAA event without the express consent of VISAA.

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