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Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) Position Statements and Guidelines

DISCLAIMER – NFHS Position Statements and Guidelines

The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) regularly distributes position statements and guidelines to promote public awareness of certain health and safety-related issues that affect VISAA member schools. Such information is neither exhaustive nor necessarily applicable to all circumstances or individuals, and is no substitute for consultation with appropriate health-care professionals. Statutes, codes or environmental conditions may be relevant. NFHS position statements or guidelines should be considered in conjunction with other pertinent materials when taking action or planning care. The NFHS reserves the right to rescind or modify any such document at any time.

The VISAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee shall advise the VISAA concerning sports medicine issues as they relate to programs and services of the VISAA provide by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). It will monitor and disseminate current information to the VISAA for its membership relative to the sports medicine field. Through this committee, the VISAA will work to educate its constituency concerning sports medicine issues. The committee will proactively address health and risk management issues of general concern to the VISAA membership.

Formed in 2010 the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) works closely with VISAA membership to provide the healthiest and safest environments for all VISAA sponsored events. The committee is comprised of individuals with wide ranging medical, athletic and educations expertise. The committee is comprised of sports medicine doctors across the state along with certified athletic trainers representing the four regions of VISAA membership:

Sports Medicine Advisory Committee’s Area of Involvement

Athletic Trainers

Supplements and Drug Testing

Heat and Hydration

Infectious Disease

Sports Injury and Prevention

Wrestling Weight Control and Skin Conditions

Athletic Participation/Parent Consent/Physical Examination Form

Committee Members:
Steve Reece,M.D.
John Phil Sherrod M.D.
Tracey R. Pinkin, ATC; Cape Henry Collegiate School
Scott Winston, ATC; Virginia Episcopal School
Matthew Ryan Horton, ATC; Bishop Ireton High School

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